Voice-Over Artist

“When we needed a cowboy poet, it was David DeBoy. When we needed a lovable blowhard talk radio commentator, that was David DeBoy, too. Talking bear? Talking shoe? Santa’s elf willing to go negative on our Scroogey opponent? DeBoy, DeBoy, DeBoy.  As far as we’ve been able to tell, David DeBoy can do anything, immediately. Even though you won’t be able to stump him, we sure urge you to try.”

Senior Vice President

Laguens Hamburger Kully Klose


With a mix of styles from the warm and fuzzy to comedic or character, David’s voice is at home with any piece of copy.

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Here are just a few of his commercial credits:

“Fun In The Sun” American Cancer Society
“Cal Ripken” American Dairy Association - Mid Atlantic
“Click It Or Ticket” Department Of Public Safety
“The Schedule” AMTRAK


This is no thundering “Voice Of God”. David’s narration read is that rare combination of warmth and authority that can inform, explain or promote.

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Here are just a few of his narration credits:

“The Expo” Department Of Energy
“Ethics” Defense Department
“Man On The Street” Fidelity Investments
“Financial Options” World Bank


As an actor, David’s first job has always been to tell a story. That task is never more important than in the world of Documentaries.

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Here are just a few of his Documentary credits:

“The Madonnaro” National Geographic
“Home & Leisure” Discovery Network
“Orion” Hubble Space Telescope – NASA
“Raising The Bar” United Way


David has the voice of a concerned neighbor or an involved citizen. He can show pride in your nominee’s record or disgust in your opponent’s actions. His sound covers the entire Political Spectrum.

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Too many to list here. You’ll have to listen for yourself.

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“It's wonderful to work with Dave.  He quickly understands the delivery needed for each project. He's easy to work with and keeps you laughing.

I love working with him!"

News Producer

NASA Space Telescope Science Institute

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