On-Camera Narrator

“Dave is a joy to work with. I've found him to be very well prepared for shoots and always willing to go the extra mile in helping the show go as smooth as possible. I'm kinda sorry I don't get to work with him more. He's the best!”

Glenn M. Scimonelli, MA
Division of Communication Media


dirty shameFood and Drug Administration

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* David will work with or without hair. He just doesn’t wear it around the house as it tends to make his wife giggle.


TelePrompTer and Ear Prompter Skills

Social security & You Teleconference Host SSA
Advance Treatment Teleconference Host U.S. Army
Ethics On-Camera Narrator Defense Department
Man On The Street On-Camera Narrator Fidelity Investments
The Plan On-Camera Narrator Geico Insurance
Financial Options Narrator World Bank
Anger Barry Davis NBC-TV
Across State Lines Special Agent Baxter FBI

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